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 Dr. Shauna Collins  ~ Before & After " No More Dieting!"

Dr. Shauna Collins  ~ Before & After "No More Dieting!"

 No More Dieting Makes Jeans Look Better

No More Dieting Makes Jeans Look Better

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“Powerful logic. Innovative thinking”

“This book will change your life
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“You will have a-ha moment
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”This is the first book that I have read that makes sense from a medical point of view- I am a doctor myself”
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Dr. Collins was destined to live out her life
wearing muumuus before No More Dieting!

No More Dieting!
Rear Cover

  No More Dieting!  ~ Real Cover

No More Dieting! ~ Real Cover

Dr. Collins in the recording studio...

SLAYING her No More Dieting! lifestyle!

Dr Collins-Recording Studio

From the doctor

 I understand your struggle. I was taken to my first 'fat clinic' at 7 years old. So I totally get it! Do you want to know how I lost the weight and have kept it off for over 8 years? Ironically, the weight began coming off the very day I decided I would NEVER diet again! 
I very candidly share my entire story - the good, the bad, (even the embarrassing!) in my book No More Dieting!

No More Dieting! has become is widely popular, and is now purchased worldwide from 6 of the 7 continents (book sales are slow in Antarctica, admittedly ;) It's my hope and prayer that every person who has suffered from compulsive eating and obesity will invest in themselves and read No More Dieting! TODAY!

Dr. Collins

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Amazon Reviews continued...

“This is one of the best written books about relationship with food.”

”Dr. Collins’ candidness with her personal struggle (and her humor) drew me right into her story and wanting to read more.”

”I feel like my best friend is talking to me!”

”It really inspires me that there’s a real person behind the white coat and that she really “gets” my struggles...”

”I feel like Dr. Collins is reading my mind...”

“Thank you Dr Collins, for your honesty
and straight talk!”

“Be warned. Once you start reading this book, you cannot put it down!”

“She helps us to combat those voices in our heads!”

“Her writing is engaging and funny”

“I have the energy to give my all to everything that I endeavor. Thank you Dr. Collins!”
— "No More Dieting!" Amazon Reviews