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Vampire Hand Lift

Vampire ® Procedure Series
Advanced Antiaging Cellular Regeneration Procedures Offered Exclusively by Members of the Cellular Medicine Association


Beauty includes the hands!

Photo by Jakob Owens

Old lady hands? Not if we have a say in it!

The Vampire Hand Lift® is a Must!

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New collagen growth is induced by natural growth factors following PRP injection with the Vampire Hand Lift®. New, hydrated tissue volume increases over the months following your treatment and the saggy, sunken-in appearance of aging hands begins to vanish. Wrinkles begin to smooth out and skin tone increases, and the hands develop a beautiful hue, all of which lead to a healthier, more youthful appearance of your hands. A series of 3 PRP treatments are recommended for optimal results. Some people may require more or less treatments depending on the goal. Results may vary.

Do your hands look sunken in, veiny, and old?
They don't have to! Book your Vampire Hand Lift® today!

Don't compromise when it comes to your looks!

Many providers claim to offer the Vampire ® Procedures, the O-Shot ® and P-Shot ®, but only officially trained and certified medical providers are legally allowed offer these highly specialized, trademarked procedures.

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